Local Support for Those in Need in our Community

In 2013, over 232,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in women and over 2,200 in men.  Another 65,000 new cases of non-invasive breast cancer were also expected to be diagnosed.  Chances are you know people whose lives have been severely impacted by this dreadful disease, and whose family and friends have all been affected in a fundamental way.

Albie Aware was founded to do something that no other organization does.  By assisting low-income and under-insured men and women in our community, Albie Aware can meet a need that exists but is not covered by any other organization. Due to a variety of reasons, far too many people are uninsured and under-insured.  They are at the greatest risk during the early stages of breast cancer detection because they are not able to afford the services of a doctor or of cancer screening, testing, and education available through a variety of organizations.

Helping those people at risk in our community is our mission.

Albie Aware provides a variety of resources to the community with preventative care to minimize their cancer risk, and connecting people with a cancer diagnosis to the resources most helpful to them. Example – alternative treatments, support groups, mental health services, physician referrals, peer support, and internet and educational resources.  In 2013, Albie Aware touched thousands of people in the community, hundreds of which eventually received direct services from Albie Aware.

REACTing to the Need in our Community

We believe the best way to help people who are facing,or are at risk for breast cancer is by REACTing to their needs with a broad scope of services.  REACT stands for:

  • Resources
  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Co-pay
  • Testing

Simply put, many people do not have access to the resources, finances and support to help them learn and take the right steps for themselves early in the process.  Many standard tests may not detect breast cancer, and prescribing more thorough, expensive diagnostic tests is often not medical protocol or covered by insurance.  People are faced with paying for these tests out-of-pocket, and many cannot do so, putting far too many at risk.

Financial Assistance for Testing

Whether it’s a 3-D mammogram screening or a test that aids physicians in pinpointing tumors, Albie Aware will pay the full amount or, in the case of those who are under-insured, will assist with the co-pay for those who cannot afford the cost.  The organization looks at each financial situation individually and does its best to get patients the proper life-saving care.

Advocacy, Education and Support

In addition, Albie Aware is an advocate and opens the door to resources for people diagnosed with breast cancer.  Sometimes people who have just been diagnosed are overwhelmed and need someone to listen, someone to review options with them and, at times, someone to go to appointments and be that extra set of ears to hear about the road ahead.  Albie Aware is there to do just that. There are many regional, national and global organizations that raise money focusing on research to eliminate breast cancer, and for them we are truly grateful.  But there is also a need for more immediate, hands-on assistance at the community level, and Albie Aware provides just that with education, financial assistance and caring support.

More than 10 Years of Serving our Community for those Facing Breast Cancer

Albie Aware was founded more than 10 years ago in memory of Albie Carson, a loving wife and mother, and a caring member of the community.  Our foundation focuses on providing women and men in the early stages of a breast cancer diagnosis in Northern California with a variety of services that are geared towards early detection via education and testing.

Join us in the Fight

There are many ways you can help us with our mission–you can donate, volunteer, attend our events, or be a sponsor for a fund raising event.  Your participation and support is what makes the difference in our ability to continue offering services to people in need in Northern California

Our Inspiration

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Albie's Story

This Foundation was created in memory of Albie Carson who succumbed to breast cancer on July 4, 2002. Albie was a 50-year resident of Sacramento where she attended school, raised a family, and made a career in the real estate Read Albie's Story »
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