A Message From Cindy

A Message From Cindy

Today’s video features a trailblazing woman that needs no introduction.

To many people, Cindy Love is Albie Aware. Many in the Albie Aware family call her an angel. Many survivors get emotional talking about how Cindy Love helped them in their journey.

The truth is Cindy Love is an incredible woman who does incredible things because of an incredible base of supporters. Cindy is so passionate about what she does and she’s always looking to do more and help more.

Please hear right from Cindy in this short video:









So Cindy wants to know if you’ll support Albie Aware and help her help more women?

Please do what you can to support Albie Aware. Whether a contribution of dollars, time or talent, we depend on you to keep our mission alive.

Thank you for your always loyal support.