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This Foundation was created in memory of Albie Carson who succumbed to breast cancer on July 4, 2002. Albie was a 50-year resident of Sacramento where she attended school, raised a family, and made a career in the real estate community. She developed strong ties to the area and was well known and loved by her peers and clients alike. We find it only fitting that her legacy continues to be one of selfless giving.

In honor of Albie, it is our goal to raise money to help others in the community who face their own battles with this disease.

AWARENESS: “Albie Aware” sounds like “I’ll be aware” and that’s our purpose: To make people aware of cancer PREVENTION methods through nutrition and exercise, to encourage self-examination and a follow-up doctor’s appointment for early DETECTION, to be aware of the diagnostic testing available to determine the best TREATMENT for breast cancer and the early detection of a recurrence, and to provide financial assistance when these tests are not covered by the insurance provider.


Albie lost her life because we were not AWARE of all the tests and treatments available at her stage of the disease, and it is our goal to save others from the same fate.

For more information on how Albie Aware can help you someone you know, please contact us at the address below:

Albie Aware, Inc.
1851 Heritage lane Suite 299
Sacramento, CA 95815

Business: (916) 927-1592
Fax: (916) 925-2606



Our mission: to save more lives and empower people with breast cancer through awareness, education and support.

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