Albie Aware is at it Again!

Albie Aware is at it Again!

It’s Misty, the Albie Aware Super Dog, here to tell you about my awesome friend, M.T.


Albie Aware assists women who don’t have medical insurance.  But did you know that we also support women who do?  These women call Albie Aware because they need help advocating for themselves…

When M.T. was performing a self-exam, she discovered a lump.  Even though she had insurance coverage for the mammogram and ultrasound, she couldn’t get a referral to have the additional needed tests.

After weeks of work by the Albie Aware staff, M.T. was able to get her tests and a breast biopsy. All fully funded by Albie Aware!  It was determined that M.T. DOES NOT have breast cancer. High Paws!













My Mama, Arleen, and I love that we help ease fears for people like M.T.  During this wonderful time of year, consider giving to Albie Aware.  Any amount helps!

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Paws up,