Albie is Here For You

Our Albie Aware clients’ kind thank you letters and heart-felt testimonials reveal the gratitude and relief that comes from the services Albie Aware provides and continues to demonstrate the real and positive impact the foundation has on the lives of people living in the Sacramento area.

DK –
“I want to express my deep appreciation and thanks to you for the financial assistance with my medical bills…. I can’t believe your generosity!!! This has helped me more than you know! Thank you again!”

DM –
“I just want to take a minute to let you know what a world of difference Albie Aware has made in my life. Your foundation and the work that you do are truly a godsend for people in my position. When I was told I may have breast cancer, I felt like my world was over… I was unemployed and uninsured. Albie Aware helped me through the difficult time, not only emotionally, but financially as well. Thank you for seeing that I received the right diagnostic testing- that eventually showed I did not have cancer! The way you followed through each step of the way with me made my process less difficult and felt very comforting.”

“Albie Aware helped me in my time of need. They provided me with resources and advocacy for my medical treatment that has given me more time to spend with the people I love.”

“I have been lucky enough through meeting your staff to receive my mammograms for a few years now. I work two part-time jobs, neither which provide health benefits. Being that I have a sister who is a breast cancer survivor and a father who also had breast cancer, these screenings have always been very important to me and even somewhat critical. I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for this service and thank you again for everything you have done… not just for myself but for others as well.

JB –
“Thank you for your amazing example of LOVE… and all you have done for me and our family.”

Leonard –
“About a month ago I discovered a lump in my right breast. I was terrified. I didn’t share this with anyone at first but decided to call the American Cancer Society. They gave me a few phone numbers to call. I tried several of them, waited two weeks with no call back. I called another number and finally got an appointment, but had to wait another week. I went to the appointment but was told that they could not help me because I was a man! The doctor at this clinic heard the exchange between me and the customer service representatives and came out to help me. She told them that I did qualify for service and then she examined me! When she was finished, she said that I needed a mammogram and ultra sound. She must have sensed my fear, because she took it upon herself to call Albie Aware and explained my circumstances. Albie Aware called me the same day and gave me an appointment for the next day at one of Sacramento’s top imaging centers – Sutter! They assured me that I would know my diagnosis when the appointment was over. I was happy and scared at the same time. In 2 and 1/2 hours, I was out of there with a diagnosis. The center was beautiful as were the doctors and nurses. They explained everything they had discovered to me, I do not have cancer, thank goodness!! Men maybe laughing at this, but 2,200 men die from breast cancer each year. I want to thank Albie Aware for getting me out of the terrible mental state that I was in by being concerned about a stranger’s health and wellbeing. I can’t thank you enough, you were a god send!! Thank you Albie Aware.”

Sherri –
“While it may seem very strange to send a “Thank you” card to a wonderful group of people who helped you find out that you have Breast Cancer… I feel compelled to do it. I am so scared but at least I know what is wrong. When I’m feeling better I hope to not only say thank you personally, but also to volunteer and help.”

Vicki –
“Thank you very much for your help with my medical expenses. I had no way to pay for my care. You are angels.”

Julie –
“Thank you SO much for sharing and providing for women the way you do. I received a comfortable , professional mammogram from Albie Aware. Everyone was very kind and had great team work. I’m grateful to have a clean report. Again, your team is amazing. Praise to All!”

May –
“I was on my way to work around 6:30 a.m. one morning in October and I heard on KFBK radio a tribute to you specifically by a woman talking about how you assisted her with getting payment for her medical needs as a cancer survivor. As I was driving, it brought tears to my eyes. The words she emotionally expressed on the radio, your work, commitment and passion for helping cancer victims/survivors is to be acknowledged and what a wonderful way for an acknowledgement to be presented. You have my love and support in understanding the sensitive work that is appreciated by me, and more people than just me.”

Bobbie –
“I am sending this in appreciation for your support and concern for Kathy. When she first told me about her situation, I immediately thought of you and I knew that you would be a source of care and love, as well as an outstanding advisor. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I know that this donation will go towards helping a women who needs it. May God Bless Albie Aware for being there in our time of need.”

Cass –
“When I learned I had breast cancer, my first Phone Call was to my friend Sandy who had Breast Cancer 2 years before. Sandy had been helped by the Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation herself and she told me, “You need to call Albie Aware. They will see you through this.” I told them who my Dr. was and was assured that I was in good hands, and that whatever I needed they would help guide me through it. I immediately felt some inner calm. I asked if someone from Albie Aware could come with me to my appointment with a breast surgeon. The response was, “Of course.” It was so helpful to have Albie Aware accompany me to two of my many doctor’s appointments. They kept notes for me, asked questions I didn’t think to ask and sat down with me after the appointments to make sure I understood everything the doctor said. I am extremely grateful for the care and support I continue to receive from Albie Aware, as I continue with surgeries and treatments.”

Inez –
“Thank you for your kind donation of a mammogram, something that I have needed for so long but have lacked insurance. I am grateful for your service and the chance to be one of the girls who got her “girls” checked-out. My results where negative! I’m forever grateful for this program; please add me to the donators list for future fundraisers. I really would love to give peace of mind to another deserving woman.”

Denise –
“Thank you for your tremendous help in securing the breast screening and ultrasound services I desperately needed for the suspicious lumps in my breasts. My experience working with Albie Aware was stress-free, easy, and encouraging from the initial contact throughout the entire process of receiving medical care and results. I cannot thank you enough for making it possible for me to get the medical help I needed – free of charge. Otherwise, I would have continued to go without medical help. Albie proves to be a tremendous service to individuals who need breast care. You have my wholehearted thanks!”

Angie –
“My name is Angie and my boyfriend is James. If it weren’t for your program we would have had no options in seeking health care for him when he found a lump on his breast. If it wasn’t for Albie Aware, things would have been more difficult for us. Thank God it turned out not to be serious – a fatty tissue. Albie Aware worked out appointments and payments and made us feel like we mattered. On behalf of James and I, I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work.”

Lynne –
“I wanted to extend another great big thank you for your help in getting me a mammogram, the diagnostic ultrasound and then biopsy. The wonderful news is that it is benign and it will be monitored… My heart is filled with such joy knowing that there are foundations and people like you to help us out. Words cannot tell you how much we appreciate you!“

Carol –
“Because of your tireless work and your caring foundation, last Thursday I was given the gift of a PET Scan. It is a gift that came from all of you who work so tirelessly for such a worthy cause. Since my diagnosis, I have taken my prognosis a bit lightly; being assured by my surgeon that I would be well again soon. While my body was being scanned, I found tears filling my eyes. Not one to cry easily, I listened to what I was feeling… gratitude for Albie Aware. Blessings to each of you and thank you for your gracious gift. I will never forget you.”

Elizabeth –
“I would like to thank ALBIE AWARE for their financial assistance with my Pet scan exam. I was diagnosed with left breast cancer in May 2002, followed by a bilateral mastectomy. Four years later, a routine chest CAT scan showed lung nodules. The scan was followed up with a PET scan provided by ALBIE AWARE, which showed no significant change. I thank ALBIE AWARE for their assistance to help with an early diagnosis of possible lung cancer. I could not have had the PET scan without your assistance.”

Sean –
“It was a pleasure to have Albie Aware jump into the ‘journey’ with my husband and me so smoothly. Having someone from Albie Aware at the appointment was very comforting. We appreciated you taking the time to come and stay the entire time with us. Thank you also for lunch, the lovely hats and scarves, but mostly for your kindness and sharing your story with me. I feel blessed to have you be a part of my breast cancer journey. Thanks to Albie Aware for your amazing support!”

Margaret –
“I wanted to thank Albie Aware for making a PET scan available to me. The scan revealed I had some cancer that had spread from five years ago. I am very grateful to you for providing the scan, as the current tumors are small. I am undergoing chemotherapy, and the tumor I can feel in my neck is definitely shrinking. Enclosed is a small donation, to help Albie Aware continue the good work. Thank you and God Bless you all.”

Debbie –
“I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help and support. As you know I am a single mother working part-time, and my job does not offer medical insurance. With the help of the funding from Albie Aware, I was able to get the help and care that I needed. I greatly appreciate the help I’ve received through the Albie Aware foundation. Thank you so much.”

Lisa Guirguis, M.D. –
“A diagnosis of breast cancer can be very frightening for a patient, but often more frightening is that the disease is the challenge of obtaining diagnostic testing required to render a proper evaluation of a patient. Many women face financial challenges and access to these diagnostic tools is not possible. Albie Aware recognizes the disparities that exist within healthcare and the importance of a complete diagnostic evaluation. Albie Aware has provided some of my patients’ much-needed access to Positron Emission Tomography (PET scan) for appropriate breast cancer staging. Albie Aware has made this testing possible. I am so grateful that Albie Aware supports excellent care for women diagnosed with breast cancer and I continue to use them as a resource for women.”

Maureen –
“My sincere thanks to you at Albie Aware for your efforts and financial support. You all have been really helpful as I struggle to meet my financial responsibilities for on-going cancer monitoring and care. Since I have such aggressive breast cancer, my oncologist continues to follow me very carefully. I’m happy to report that so far so good.”