Volunteer Form

Are you a breast cancer survivor?

Please mark the volunteer opportunities you are willing to help with. Thank you in advance!

Yes I can man information tables at various health faires, events (answer basic questions, hand out brochures)

Yes I can man ticket tables (sell tickets or accept donations at event entrance)

Yes I can man Albie merchandise tables (sell various Albie Aware articles at events)

Yes I can set up events (includes tables, chairs, equipment, decorations etc.)

Yes I can tear down events (remove and possibly transport all items used at events, faires, etc)

Yes I can solicit and gather raffle/ silent auction/ grand prizes (ask businesses, corporations, & individuals for prizes, gift cards, vacations, services, etc)

Yes I can join our new Prize Committee (help form, and participate with an ongoing
committee to secure raffle/ silent auction/ grand prizes for various events)

Yes I can raffle/ prize sales (walk around and sell raffle or grand prize tickets on event days)

Yes I can wait tables (need some experience waiting tables. Used for Survivor of the Year or Rose Awards nights)

Yes I can bartend (need experience tending bar. May be needed for several annual events)

Yes I can locate event and Albie Aware sponsors (locate and secure event sponsors through businesses, corporations or individuals)

Yes I can assist in the Albie office (i.e. data entry, mailings, thank you notes, filing, etc)

Yes I can serve on an event committee (attend meetings, help organize an event)

Yes I can help tell the breast cancer story (creating exhibits and displays for events, health faires)

Other skill sets you might donate to Albie Aware