Albie Aware Celebrates its New Program Administrator

When a person comes along who is the perfect fit for a position, it is cause for celebration. We at Albie Aware are thrilled to welcome Jecixca Carvajal to our organization. Jecixca (pronounced Jessica) is our new Program Administrator, responsible for general administrative support, as well as assisting with educational classes, volunteer recruitment and training, scheduling client appointments, and working with the Hispanic community to increase awareness and promote available services. It’s a big job, and Jecixca has the skills and enthusiasm it requires.

Jecixca’s experience includes working for non-profits, the healthcare industry, and other high-pressure positions. For instance, she worked in donor relations and as a case manager for the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation in Colorado. She was a Senior Case Manager for Kaiser Permanente in Pleasanton, CA, and worked with WEAVE as a certified peer counselor on their sexual assault and domestic violence crisis line.

As a Spanish speaker, Jecixca will help carry out Albie Aware’s vision of providing effective support for the Hispanic community.

“I find that I’m drawn towards organizations that have a higher purpose and that are trying to make the world a better place,” reflects Jecixca. “I have a close friend who is a breast cancer survivor and who is still struggling with its effect on her and her family. I admire her strength.”

Jecixca is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in accounting, with a minor in Health at Ashford University. She is the proud mother of two girls, Tatiana (9) and Kalanna (4).

“My daughters have definitely reinforced what is important in my life,” says Jecixca. “My experience both as a parent and as a committed employee for community-minded, health-related organizations has inspired me to want to give back and improve the quality of life in my community. I’m so pleased that I am now able to help Albie Aware continue its mission of assisting women and men afflicted with breast cancer.”

Please join us in welcoming Jecixca Carvajal.