Planned Giving

Thank you for your consideration of making a legacy gift to Albie Aware to support people facing breast cancer. We will work with you to make a large impact to Albie Aware through a gift that costs you nothing now, avoids capital gains liability, pays you an income, or reduces taxes to leave more assets to your heirs. Below is brief information on the most common types of planned gifts. We recommend consulting with your professional advisors on your financial and estate goals. At any point in time, when you would like to discuss your philanthropic and financial goals, please contact Albie Aware’s Executive Director, Courtney Quinn, at 916-927-1592 or

Bequests, Estates & Gift Planning

A bequest is a gift that costs you nothing now, it stays in your control during your lifetime, and it will be distributed to Albie Aware upon your passing.

Sample Bequest Language: I give and devise Albie Aware Inc of Sacramento, California, tax id 42-1632678, ____(insert dollar amount or percentage) to be used where the need is greatest as determined by Albie Aware’s Board of Trustees.

IRA Charitable Rollover

An charitable IRA rollover or qualified charitable distribution (QCD) allows individuals age 70 ½ and older to instruct an IRA administrator to send up to $100,000 per year (all or part of the annual required minimum distribution) to one or more qualifying nonprofit organizations. These assets would be sent directly to Albie Aware, so you don’t report the QCD as taxable income and you don’t owe any taxes on the QCD.

Stock Gifts

When you donate appreciated stock to Albie Aware, you receive an immediate income tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities and avoid paying capital gains tax. Please contact Albie Aware at 916-927-1592 to receive our brokerage firm contact information and account numbers.

Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund (DAF) is similar to a charitable savings account where you have the flexibility to recommend how often and how much money is granted to Albie Aware and other qualified nonprofit organizations. You can make an immediate impact now by recommending a grant to Albie Aware, you can set-up recurring grants, or use your DAF for future charitable gifts.

To learn more or discuss your philanthropic and financial goals, please contact Albie Aware’s Executive Director, Courtney Quinn, at 916-927-1592 or

Donor Advised Fund

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