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Nubia Odich

I contacted Albie Aware and asked if they could help me pay for DigniCap treatment. They enthusiastically agreed to provide the financial assistance I needed. It is amazing, that they would do this for me. If I could I would tell other women to be strong, never give up. You are not alone in this process. Organizations such as Albie Aware are there to help you. You don’t have to do this alone. I am very grateful for their support. Thank you Albie Aware!”

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Nubia Odich

Three Time Survivor

Melody Recindez

“Albie Aware stepped right up for me and assisted with medical bills, compression garments and nutrition advice while going through treatment. Now that I’m in remission, being a part of the Fox Family Basketball Clinics on Mother’s Day has been an added bonus! We’re so blessed to have Albie Aware in Sacramento.”

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Melody Resendiz

Found strength in family, friends, faith, support groups, and Albie Aware.

“The Fox Whole Family Foundation supports Albie Aware because they have the same core values as we do. This includes supporting those affected by breast cancer, advocating for early detection’s, and helping those who are uninsured or underinsured get the services they need.”

Lorraine Fox

Nikki Laurenzo Fox 40 News Anchor

“It’s been such an honor to work with Albie Aware. To witness the invaluable services and comfort they provide to women and men battling breast cancer has truly been incredible. The staff and volunteers are angels.”

Nikki Laurenzo

Claudia DeYoung

I am a huge supporter of and advocate for Albie Aware! From emotional or financial support, to needing some guidance or help in one’s journey, Albie Aware is an essential part of our Sacramento breast cancer community.” 


Claudia DeYoung