Who Do We Help?

Albie Aware supports people facing breast cancer in the greater Sacramento area. 

If you are an individual and you need assistance with:

  • Scheduling a screening mammogram
  • Navigating government programs and/or insurance for breast cancer screenings and/or treatments
  • Talking with someone after a breast cancer screening exam about next steps
  • Connecting with a breast cancer survivor after your own diagnosis
  • Seeking financial assistance for breast cancer screening and/or treatment paid directly to your medical provider
  • Finding out more information about breast cancer

Please call our office at 916-927-1592 or use our contact us form

When do I need a screening mammogram?

Albie Aware recommends a screening mammogram annually for individuals 40 years and older. Individuals who are younger than 40 years may need a mammogram if there is a family history, genetic markers, or they have any symptoms.


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