Breast Health Classes

Albie Aware offers breast health classes with a focus on developing a personal action plan to minimize breast cancer risk.  Attendees are educated on:

  • Important breast cancer facts
  • Breast cancer symptoms
  • Annual mammograms 
  • How to do “Breast Self Exams”

Some of these classes are offered at our business partner’s locations:

5523 34th Street 
Sacramento, CA 95820
(916) 452-3601

Sacramento Food Bank
3333 3rd Ave.,
Sacramento, CA 95817
(916) 456-1980

  • These classes are available to businesses, women’s groups, community service organizations and social clubs. 
  • Most cases these classes are low cost or free.
  • Classes are taught in both English and Spanish for groups of 10 to 100.

For more information on the next Breast Health Class, contact us:

Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation

Sponsorships Available.

Would you like to reach thousands of local women with your business by sponsoring our Breast Health Classes? Please see Sponsorship information HERE.

Breast Cancer Classes
Lorena Carranza Food Bank

“A special thank you to Albie Aware for teaching Breast Health classes to hundreds of our Parent Education Program clients since 2008. We are proud of our continued partnership.”

~Lorena Carranza, Parent Education Program Manager
Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services