The Pink Ladies

The Pink Ladies Continue to Support Albie Aware

The Pink Ladies are a group of Sacramento-area women who are passionate about helping Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation. In 2021, their End of Summer Celebration raised more than $50,000 from 200 guests who enjoyed live music, dancing, and catered food

Breast Cancer Never Takes a Break.

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Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation
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Sacramento, CA 95815
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Meet Some of the Pink Ladies

Each of the Pink Ladies has their own special reason for supporting Albie Aware and the women and men we serve. Here are some of their stories:

Deborah Bonuccelli

Deborah’s husband is a cousin of Albie Aware’s founder, Doug Carson. When they learned that the Foundation was searching for a space to hold a “Survivor of the Year” fundraiser, they quickly volunteered their East Sacramento home. The Bonuccelli’s lives have been touched by breast cancer. Deborah’s mother-in-law has survived two bouts of the disease and is now a 50-plus year survivor. Deborah’s sister, Pamela, a fellow Pink Lady, is also a breast cancer survivor.

Pamela Mari Pink Ladies

Pamela Mari

In 1990, Pamela was diagnosed with bone cancer. She was young and athletic, which may have helped her beat the disease. She was subsequently prescribed hormone replacement therapy, which she continued for 25 years. She now believes that was the cause of a breast cancer diagnosis in 2010. She says, “I realized that I was marching through it with so much support, I felt compelled to make sure other people have that kind of support too.” Pamela’s mission is to help others find support through Albie Aware.

Cheri Andrew Pink Ladies

Cheri Andrew

In 2009, Cheri noticed a lump in her breast. It turned out that she had cancer in both breasts. She called the process “a game of hurry up and wait.” Finally, she underwent a double lumpectomy, which did not remove all the cancer. She became overwhelmed with dealing with doctors and an uncooperative insurance company. She found the help she needed at Albie Aware. They helped her navigate the system and fight the insurance company. She ultimately had a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Cheri credits Albie Aware with helping to save her life.

Patty Roberts

Patty is a neighbor of Deborah Bonuccelli. She attended that first fundraiser at Deborah’s and met Albie Aware founder Doug Carson. She had already lost her sister to breast cancer, so she quickly offered to help by hosting the next year’s event. One year turned into three and during that time the Pink Ladies raised thousands of dollars for Albie Aware. Patty continues to help raise funds to honor her sister’s memory.