Message from Amanda

Amanda Nelson
In this time of great uncertainty, I want to let you all know that Albie Aware is conducting ‘business as usual,’ albeit, remotely.  Uriel and I are answering clients, clinics, doctor’s phone calls, taking referrals, giving out critical resource information, talking to funders and volunteers, and working together to ensure that our work continues as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.

It is self-evident that you have to know where you are in order to know where you want to go. We have been taking a hard look at all aspects of our operation from finances to quality of service. Since I arrived, I have been assessing and listening, and listening some more. Clients, staff, volunteers, and partners all tell me that what we are doing works. It is clear that we are saving and enhancing the lives of women and men facing and fighting a diagnosis of breast cancer. I am proud to have joined an organization so focused on its mission.

Change is inevitable in all aspects of life. Just ask a breast cancer survivor. At Albie Aware, teamwork is more than a cliché, teamwork is everything! And teamwork at all levels must

 embody the changes that every organization must embrace. Working together we will continue to bring our mission to life.

It seems as if 2020 has barely begun, but already we’ve seen some major changes. Here’s what has been happening at Albie Aware:

  • We have established new partnerships and strengthened existing partnerships.
  • Our newly created Mission Support Team will provide the best possible support for our clients.
  • Our Board is transitioning. We have lost some important Board members whose strength and support will be sorely missed. Each one remains a supporter of our organization. Thank you, Mary Mathews, Jan Cronin, and Angela Elpers for your ongoing support. And, we’ve been joined by some new board members, Julie Sauls and Steve Archibald, who are anxious to make their unique contributions to keep the mission of Albie Aware moving forward.
  • We are shining the spotlight on survivors whose stories will inspire and provide strength to our clients going through a breast cancer diagnosis today, including Cheri Andrew and Keri Frank-Fuentes.
  • We are highlighting new technologies through social media, plus the promise of new legislation to promote early detection and if approved, will make testing affordable and available to all.
  • Our website feature, Five Things Friday, is providing important information to our clients to help educate, comfort, and support them.
  • We have strengthened existing relationships and sponsorships: The Pink Ladies, Lady Ledgendz, Partner and Survivor Roundtables.
  • We have established a new annual event, the Rose Award Ceremony, that we are confident will propel us forward in our endeavors to help women and men in the Sacramento area fighting breast cancer. Thanks to our very generous supporters, we raised $150,000 from this inaugural event!

Stay tuned for the roll-out of our Albie Always program, which will encompass Planned, Major and Evergreen gifts, all to perpetuate the life-saving work of Albie Aware.

Building effective partnerships is a long-term endeavor. We will never take our partners, supporters, and sponsors for granted. We are all in this fight together.

Thank you all for your contributions,