Burpees for Boobies

Annual Burpees for Boobies

Helping breast cancer patients, along with her passion for fitness, led Gwen Poon to host and support Burpees for Boobies. Albie Aware is their proud recipient of this fundraising event.

Gwen knows bodies inside and out – literally. During the day, Dr. Poon is a radiologist at Kaiser Permanente. She also owns and operates FIT36, a fitness studio in Folsom specializing in high intensity interval training, a highly effective and efficient way to train.

Participants in Burpees for Boobies gather donations or pledges based on how many burpees they can do in 36 minutes. On October 4, 2019, from 4:00 – 7:00 pm, they will do burpees to raise funds for Albie Aware.

Why 36 minutes? Gwen explains, Anyone can come in and do this at their own pace. “The philosophy at our gym is that quality counts more than quantity. It’s not how many you can do compared to somebody else. If it’s five burpees, that’s what it is.”

 “We bring in a live DJ to provide music,” she says. “It’s a fun party.” Last year, survivors and spectators come to cheer on participants and count burpees.

Want to participate in Burpees for Boobies?

Gwen and Mike Poon
Gwen & Mike Poon and Family
  1. Sign up at Fit 36 in Folsom or by calling them to get on the participants list. Click Here for more information and Click Here for a donation form.
  2. Collect pledges based on how many burpees (squat thrusts) you can do in 36 minutes. Flat donations are welcome too!


Join us on October 4 from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. and do your Burpees for Boobies!