Five Things Friday: Facts about Breast Cancer and Eating

Like many human connections, the relationship between food, drink, and breast cancer is… well… let’s just say it’s “complicated.” In general, foods associated with fighting or recovering from breast cancer are the foods we should all be eating for a healthy and happy life. But, current studies on nutrition and cancer are turning some long-held […]

Five Things Friday – Comfort and chemo

Chemotherapy image

Singer Melissa Etheridge once said, “Chemotherapy tests your sanity.” For many people – not all – the chemotherapy regimen is an ordeal, and the day of your first treatment can be scary. Mostly, it can be tiring, but it all depends on your cancer and your prescribed chemo drugs. Lisa Silva is a Sacramento-area registered […]

Five Things Friday – Lovin’ Life After Breast Cancer

Rekindle the Joy If you have survived breast cancer, you may be waiting for the world to take on rainbow hues and to find yourself jumping for joy. That’s not quite the way it works. It may be more like, “What just happened to me?” and “Why don’t I feel different?” Time to manage expectations. […]

Survivor Spotlight – The Tale of Two Women


Keri Frank-Fuentes and Rachael Emborg: Two breast cancer stories This is a tale of two women. Each received a diagnosis of breast cancer with very different outcomes. Keri Frank-Fuentes and her cousin, Rachael, both shared a family history of breast cancer, though none of it first-degree. “There was a lot of it on both sides, […]

Five Things Friday – Breast Density

Woman checking her breast

So, You Have Dense Breasts. Now What? Thirty-six states, including California, have passed laws requiring health facilities to notify women when they have dense breasts.  Breast density is the degree to which a woman’s breasts are made up of lobules, ducts, glands and connective tissue versus fatty tissue. And density matters — it’s a risk […]

Five Things Friday – Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

Patient consulting a doctor

Five Questions to Ask About a Stereotactic Breast Biopsy 1. What is a stereotactic breast biopsy? A stereotactic breast biopsy is a minimally invasive method for identifying a growth or abnormality that may appear on a mammogram but cannot be felt during a physical breast exam. 2. Why is a biopsy necessary if the mammogram […]

Five Things Friday – Rehabilitation After Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer and Rehabilitation

Breast cancer patients and survivors want their lives back! Whether you are newly diagnosed, in treatment, or years into your survivorship, rehabilitation services can help you get back some or all the functionality you may have lost. Cancer rehabilitation services include health care experts, resources, and healing techniques to help you recover physically and emotionally. […]

Albie Aware Survivor Spotlight… Melody Resendiz

Many people with a diagnosis of breast cancer feel all alone on their journey. Melody Resendiz knew right away that she needed company as she navigated through the shock, confusion, and fear. She found it in her family, friends, support groups, her faith, and Albie Aware. Breast Cancer Strikes Anyone Melody is married to a […]

Five Things Friday: Helpful Tips for Loss of Appetite

Are you going through treatment and don’t feel like eating? Loss of appetite is common. Good nutrition is vital if you have cancer because both the illness and its treatments can change the way you eat. Breast cancer treatments kill cancer cells. But these treatments can also damage healthy cells, and damage to healthy cells […]