Tom Walcott Plays for Albie Aware in 2018 Capital Cup

Meet Our Capital Cup Player – Tom Wolcott

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the Capital Cup lately. It’s a local 3-day. Ryder style golf tournament made up of 28 golfers who are among Sacramento’s most successful and recognized business executives. These players raise significant dollars to help multiple local charities. Albie Aware is very fortunate to be among the selected charities to benefit from the proceeds of this event which has raised $2,250,000 million in the first three years!

Our golfer who will be raising funds on behalf of Albie Aware this year is Tom Walcott. Tom has been a friend of our organization and loyal supporter for many years. We thought it would be nice to introduce him so that our friends and followers could learn a little more about Tom and why he is playing for Albie Aware:

Tom Walcott
Senior Vice President – Colliers International

My name is Tom Walcott and I am Senior Vice President at Colliers International, a global real estate firm. I have long been a strong supporter of Albie Aware. I played in my first Capital Cup last year is response to the recent loss of one friend from Breast Cancer and other complications that accompanied that and the then  recent diagnoses of another dear friend.  In the last 12 months I am pleased to say that that friend is now Cancer free and still holds a very high regard for the entire team at Albie Aware for all their support through her battle.  But I am sad to say yet another close friend has been diagnosed and is dealing with her own battle.  There are so many good causes, but in the last two years Breast Cancer has taken a friend and now assaulted two others.  I continue to play on behalf of Albie Aware in honor of these friends and all the amazing women in my life, a wonderful mother, four great sisters and now blessed with a terrific wife and daughter. I want to insure that today, tomorrow and forever….Albie Aware will continue to be there for those diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Please Help Me Help Albie Aware! I have a personal goal of raising $50,000 for Albie Aware. And, the more I contribute towards my team’s total funds raised, the more Albie Aware will receive if our team wins the additional $50,000 winners pot! 

If you’d like to learn more about The Capital Cup and help me out by making a donation please visit my campaign fundraising page HERE.

Any amount is greatly appreciated and will add to the grand total. Thank you!




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