5 Things Friday: Choosing a Wig For Hair Loss


As soon as you know you will be having chemotherapy and know your hair will be falling out it’s time to visit wig salons and find a compassionate consultant that is trained as a certified wig fitter.  Those trained in helping chemotherapy patients will help you choose the best options for your unique lifestyle and sense of style. It’s suggested you visit salons that have been certified by the American Cancer Society. Make an appointment and bring a friend or family member who can help you choose just the right wig for you!

Here are some things to consider when choosing a wig:
By: Jacquelyn Pometta*

  1. Depending on the chemotherapy, your hair will begin falling out within weeks of your first treatment.  Many women cut their hair shorter prior to treatment to make the adjustment a bit easier.  It will be much easier for you to try on wigs with short hair or a shaved head.  If you choose to shave your head, there are many salon professionals who will offer to do this for you, safely and at no cost. It’s important to use caution when shaving or having your head shaved to prevent cuts and infection by using an electric razor with a head guard and never a razor blade. Heads should not be shaved without a guard. (People think they can just shave the head but they don’t know what is on the surface of the scalp.  If there is a pimple, a mole or some other type of bump that can’t be seen it could be cut and cause an infection for someone who is undergoing chemotherapy with a compromised immune system.)
  2. When making a wig fitting appointment, ask if they have a private room for your consultation and fitting? You should feel comfortable, understood and personally cared for at your appointment.
  3. Ask about their selection of wigs- can you order a wig or do you choose from what they have in stock?  You may want to consider a few things a head of time: Do you hope to match your current hair style and color as closely as possible, or are you open to going with a new look?
  4. Ask if the salon offers synthetic wigs and/or human hair wigs.  When choosing between the two consider that synthetic wigs are lightweight, curl patterns and straight styles hold and they have minimal upkeep. Consider that above the shoulder length wigs will be the most comfortable and easiest to maintain. Human hair wigs have to be set or blow dried which can be hard to maintain when undergoing chemotherapy.
  5. Most importantly, feel comfortable with your wig fitting consultant, she is there to  help you through your treatment and get that SMILE back on your face.

*Personal message from Jacquelyn, Owner Jacqueln’s Salon, licensed Cosmetologist, Cranial Hair Prosthetics Specialist, Certified Hair Loss Consultant and volunteer at the American Cancer Society Free Wig Program

At Jacquelyn’s I offer a caring approach to breast cancer clients.  Consultations are private to provide you with comfort and privacy.  Safe head shaving in a private setting is free.  All cancer clients receive 10% off all purchases.  My goal is to have you leave the salon with a SMILE.  I have been volunteering and helping breast cancer clients since 2014.  I was touched personally when my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer in the fall of 2016.  I feel so blessed that I have the experience of helping others like her get through this journey.



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