Albie Aware Partner Spotlight: Jenny Weaver… a perfect “FIT”

Jenny Weaver with her dog

“I get so angry when  people don’t know who to see or where to go for care and then they die,” says Jenny Weaver. “Our system is broken, and I want to be an advocate to help people.”

The moment Jenny learned of Albie Aware she jumped aboard without thinking twice. “I learned of Albie Aware through Albie Styling, and I immediately attached to their purpose. I was moved by the story behind the foundation.”

Albie Styling

Four years ago, Jenny was working for AVEDA, a national cosmetic company with salons in the Sacramento area.

“The AVEDA salons partnered with Albie Aware for a fundraiser called Albie Styling,” she explains. “They donated time, products, and services. Some held cut-a-thons and had a day where they would do haircuts with the proceeds going to Albie Aware.

Jenny Weaver Close up

My experience with AVEDA made me love this organization and what it does for people in Sacramento.”

Albie FIT

Jenny is passionate about fitness and nutrition, so Albie FIT is… well… a good fit! She is on the committee that gets local gyms and other fitness buffs involved in raising funds for Albie Aware. The next Albie FIT competition will happen in April.

“Albie FIT goes perfectly with my philosophy,” she says. “Exercise and the food you eat can make a huge difference in your health,” she says. “The smallest changes can make a big difference. If something doesn’t 

Jenny Weaver Handstand

feel right, it isn’t right. You can do so much more than just masking aches and pain with medicine. Move your body and eat clean, unprocessed foods.”

Round Table Survivors Lunch & Learn

After leaving AVEDA, Jenny went to work for Aflac Insurance and is currently working at Coremark Insurance Services Inc. Aflac offers cancer insurance, of which Jenny is a big fan, especially for those who have a higher risk of getting cancer. Jenny approached Albie Aware’s Executive Director, Amanda Nelson, to advocate for a partnership between Albie Aware and Aflac to educate people about cancer insurance. That inspired a Survivors Round Table luncheon.

Survivor Round Table

Aflac sponsored the event and three speakers covered a broad range of topics:

  • Pam Whitehead of Triumph Fitness discussed recovery and exercise. Triumph offers a cancer-specific exercise program to adult survivors at no cost.
  • Emily Frazier of Sierra Thermography educated attendees on their non-invasive tool for breast health risk assessment.
  • Jenny spoke about Aflac’s cancer insurance. The policy pays money to the policy holder for a cancer diagnosis and will follow you through treatment. This helps to relieve the financial burden of the diagnosis so patience can focus on getting well, versus trying to get back to work. Of course, some restrictions apply.

About Jenny

Jenny, who went to Sac State, grew up in Santa Cruz. “I was never a surfer. Everybody asks me that.” She prefers mountains, lakes and rivers. “Most people know I love fitness, not everyone knows that I am also a golfer!” The current love of Jenny’s life is Lady, a Doberman-German Shepherd. Her family still lives in Santa Cruz.

Jenny Weaver Golfing

Why choose Albie Aware?

“I have not battled cancer,” Jenny says. “Gratefully, no one in my immediate family has either. However, I do have kidney disease and I learned to listen to my body. I sensed something was wrong a few years ago and asked many questions and talked with a variety of specialists to get answers. My kidneys were one of the last things we looked at. This experience struck a chord. Many people don’t challenge their doctor to do more testing or to look deeper. They take the doctor’s word that everything is alright. But if something is wrong with you, you know it.”

Jenny, who is in her early thirties, is an enthusiastic advocate. “I want to be an educator and get the word out to more people, especially to women in my age group. I want more people in my demographic to have the knowledge they need, even if it is only that an amazing organization like Albie Aware exists.”

Final words from Jenny

“Cancer is not picky; it affects all demographics, but the more you know about your body, nutrition, and being proactive, the better. Knowledge is power.”


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