Burpees for Boobies

Gwen Poon Fit 36

Gwen Poon knows bodies inside and out – literally. During the day, Dr. Poon is a radiologist at Kaiser Permanente. She also owns and operates Fit 36, a fitness club in Folsom specializing in high intensity, interval training, a highly effective and efficient way to train. Gwen is an energetic, positive woman who celebrates her […]

Jason Lockard and Sacramento Whiskey 101

Jason Lockard and Sacramento Whiskey 101

Jason Lockard is the owner of Locked Barrel, the best whiskey bar in Sacramento. That’s his claim and he challenges anyone to prove him wrong. To showcase his new business and to support Albie Aware, Jason is hosting Sacramento Whiskey 101 on September 13 – an exclusive tasting event featuring 35 to 40 of the […]

Five Advances in the Battle Against Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Technology

Breast cancer is one of the most studied cancers in the world. It seems as if there is a constant flow of information about new diagnostic techniques and treatments. All of this research is trying to accomplish one overall goal – a cure! Progress is encouraging; for women whose cancer is confined entirely to the […]

Volunteer Spotlight – People Are Not Just Numbers to Mary Walters

Mary Walters and Mark Walters

Albie Aware is all about people. It is an organization of people helping people through one of the most difficult times imaginable. We are also very focused on numbers – the number of people we help, the number of people surviving breast cancer, the calculations of risk for any given population. As a non-profit organization, […]

Albie Aware Survivor Spotlight… Melody Resendiz

Many people with a diagnosis of breast cancer feel all alone on their journey. Melody Resendiz knew right away that she needed company as she navigated through the shock, confusion, and fear. She found it in her family, friends, support groups, her faith, and Albie Aware. Breast Cancer Strikes Anyone Melody is married to a […]

Five Questions to Ask Your Doctor after a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Man and wife with medical team

In 2019, more than 300,000 women and more than 2,600 men in the U.S. will receive a breast cancer diagnosis. The good news is that the five-year survival rate for breast cancer is around 90%. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you will have questions upon questions followed by more questions. Knowledge is power […]

New Technology Helps Cancer Survivor Keep Her Hair – Through Albie Aware

Nubia Odich

Nubia Odich hopes the third time’s a charm. Over seven years, she has endured three diagnoses of breast cancer. The third time, Nubia turned to Albie Aware with a special request. First, here’s her story. Nubia, who has worked at the school district for 20 years, is a firm believer in annual mammograms. Especially since […]

Five Things Friday – Groups at Risk for Breast Cancer

Are you at risk for breast cancer? The short answer is yes! Anyone – women or men – can develop the disease at any stage of their lives. However, there are factors that may increase your chances of getting the disease. Breast cancer is the focus of many studies by a wide range of health […]