Five Things Friday: Is a Clinical Trial Right for You?

clinical trials

In this time of COVID-19, we are hearing a lot about clinical trials and their role in helping to develop a vaccine. Clinical trials are part of the process for finding and implementing safe and effective treatments for a whole range of diseases – including breast cancer. If you are facing or fighting breast cancer, […]

Five Things Friday: Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

bald woman

Obviously, there are many more than five side effects from breast cancer treatment and many are well known, even to people not affected by the disease. Hair loss and nausea are probably the most common indications that someone is going through chemotherapy. Radiation can cause pain, fatigue, and changes to your skin. Some side effects […]

Five Things Friday: Your Breast Cancer Team

Man and wife with medical team

Treating breast cancer in the 21st Century is like going to war. It takes an army of specialists (teams within teams) to contain it, control it, defeat it, and aid in your recovery. The more we learn about breast cancer, the more specialists arise and bring their expertise to the fight. Here are, not five […]

Albie Aware Sponsor Spotlight: Rome Cruz and Loove Clothing

Rome Cruz

Rome Cruz is a young man with a plan. And right now, that plan includes Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation. For about a year, Rome has been thinking about starting a business that would benefit small non-profit organizations. He enrolled in a class on how to start a business and established Loove Clothing Company while […]

Albie Aware Welcomes New Board Members

welcome new board members

For breast cancer survivors Cherí Andrew and Amy Carabba-Salazar, serving on the Albie Aware Board is personal. The lessons they learned on their breast cancer journeys will translate into valuable help for others facing the disease. Cherí Andrew For Cherí, the most important takeaway from fighting breast cancer is to take charge of your treatment. […]

Albie Aware Sponsor Spotlight: Cindy Oswalt and Epicurean Wines

Cindy Oswalt, President of Epicurean Wines in Seattle, was already sensitive to the needs of people with breast cancer. Her mom was diagnosed 13 years ago. She also knows other survivors and she has a friend dealing with the disease right now. So, this is something that is near and dear to her heart. Timing […]

Albie Aware Volunteer Spotlight: Anne Jacobs

Anne Jacobs in the garden

“Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!”  That’s how Anne Jacobs describes her life with breast cancer. “I’ve been battling and living with breast cancer for 17 years,” she says. 2003 / Age 42 Anne was initially diagnosed with Stage 3 triple positive breast cancer in 2003 when she was 42. “I found a lump in my left breast […]

Five Things Friday: Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence

When it comes to breast cancer, gone doesn’t mean forgotten. Studies show that at least half of all breast cancer survivors fear that the cancer will return. In some survivors, the fear can be overwhelming. It is understandable to be anxious about a disease that disrupts your life for many months. All that uncertainty, stress, […]

Five Things Friday: Power in the Pages of Five Books on Breast Cancer

Woman reading

Power in the Pages Breast cancer is one of the most studied diseases in history. The internet is brimming with facts, figures, and information, ranging from inspirational personal stories to highly technical scientific papers. No matter what your level of interest, the material is there for reading or watching. Some people find the virtual world […]

Five Things Friday: Black Lives Matter. Black Breasts Matter, Too!


Women and men of color are standing up against violence, social and economic disparity, and unequal treatment under the law. But breast cancer is also a real and persistent threat to the black community. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in African American women. The five-year survival rate for white women with breast cancer […]