Jasmine Orellana and Micropigmentation: Pay with a Smile!

Jasmine microblading

If eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows are the frames. “Eyebrows play a key role in communication. They are a huge factor in our facial expressions – from a raised brow to a surprised brow,” explains Jasmine Orellana, owner of Allure Permanent Cosmetics. “Brows are such an important feature of our face – […]

Five Things Not to Say to a Breast Cancer Patient

Woman and silence gesture

Five Things Friday – Please don’t say this to a breast cancer patient! When someone you know is diagnosed with breast cancer, their emotions will probably be right there on the surface. They may be confused, angry, worried about their family, and just plain scared. In short, they are vulnerable. It may be difficult to […]

Keith Thomajan and Dutch Bros

Keith and Edie Thomajan

Good Coffee for a Good Cause The mantra of Dutch Bros Coffee is “make a difference, one cup at a time.” The company and its Chief of Staff, Keith Thomajan also make a difference by serving up cups of compassion. Coffee and causes go hand in hand Dutch Bros was founded by Dane and Travis […]

Exotic Auto Recycling Drives a Need to Help People with Breast Cancer

Dani Jones

Do you need spare parts for your Ferrari? Exotic Auto Recycling is the place for you! The stated mission of this unique business, owned by Ryan and Dani Jones, is to become the largest supplier of used auto parts in the world! They specialize in Ferraris, Maseratis, Lamborghinis, and more. Ryan and Dani sell new, […]

Turkey Creek Golf Tournament Tees Off for Albie Aware

Turkey Creek Golf Club

Gayle Petersen loves golf. She also loves life as a breast cancer survivor. Put those two things together and you have the Second Annual Ladies Breast Cancer, “Making a Difference Together,” Tournament for Albie Aware on October 15. Early detection and lots of support Gayle was diagnosed nearly 20 years ago when she and her husband […]

Chicago Fire – Cooking up Dough and Donations

Chicago Fire Folsom

Chicago Fire’s stated mission is “to capture the fun and enthusiasm of an authentic Chicago deep-dish restaurant and bring it to the west coast.” No matter how you slice it, the small chain certainly succeeded because their stores are hopping.” “People think we’re a franchise or corporate chain,” says Samantha ‘Sammy’ Schnetz of the local, […]

Sponsor Spotlight: J. Dressler Salon helps Albie Aware in Style!

J dressler salon

Want to look your best while supporting Albie Aware and its mission? Sisters Nicole Lamb and Andie Crouch are just the people to help give breast cancer the brush off. They own J. Dressler Salon on East Stockton Boulevard in Elk Grove and they are strong supporters of Albie Aware. “We’ve been in business in […]

Sponsor Spotlight: #SacramentoPinkGuy

Bryan Hall Sacramento Pink Guy

Bryan Hall, AKA Sacramento Pink guy, is a man on a mission – and it’s personal. Maybe you have seen him around town. You can’t miss him; he’s the guy with a big, bushy, pink beard. He says, “People see this weird guy walking around with a pink beard, top hat, and a pink shirt […]

The Lady Legendz Softball Foundation

Lady Lengendz

More Than a Team. To describe the Lady Legendz as a softball team is like describing California as just a place with beaches. Both are so much more than that. Way more! And the Sacramento area is a better place because of them. The team has competed locally and has traveled across the country to […]

Survivor Spotlight… Marisa Fogal

Marisa Fogal

Dimples – Not the Good Kind Normally, you hear of breast cancer being detected as a lump. In Marisa Fogal’s case, it started as a dimple. She complained to her husband that she was seeing cellulite on her breast. Then, that breast started shrinking. In three months, she lost an entire cup size. A mammogram […]