Five Reasons why Albie Aware is Thankful for YOU!

You help us succeed

This year’s Breast Cancer Month is coming to a close, but the need goes on. We still need YOU to join with us to help those affected by breast cancer. YOU, our supporters, are the reason so many locals –  your friends and family members – can call themselves survivors. Whether you give us your time, your money, your ideas, or your services, you are the fuel that keeps us going.

Since 2004, Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation has been there for thousands of our neighbors in the Sacramento area. We help by focusing on the person, not just the disease. We provide funds for diagnostic testing. We advocate for our clients with medical and insurance providers. We offer practical every-day assistance, as well as a shoulder to cry on.

None of this is possible without the support of our donors, sponsors, partners, and volunteers. Here are five ways that YOU help Albie Aware succeed.

We rely on our partners

We know we cannot do it alone. So, we rely on our relationships with giving partners for diagnostic testing, counseling, general and female-specific healthcare, post-surgery care, emotional wellness, patient support, breast-cancer education, and nutrition advice. 

We rely on this army of experts to help our clients if/when they need it. We are thankful for our partners!

We rely on our sponsors, supporters, and donors

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Just as we support our breast cancer clients, we also need support! We could not exist without the generosity of those of you who share our vision. We rely on the kindness of foundations, companies and corporations, sports and charitable organizations, breast cancer survivors, families, and individuals to assist those going through the confusing and complex ordeal of breast cancer. We are thankful for our supporters.

We rely on our volunteers

It is difficult to even articulate how important our volunteers are to us. We rely heavily on you who are willing to give of yourselves and your time. We need volunteers for fundraising, event coordination, logistics, errands, office work, teaching, and patient support. As a volunteer, you may accompany patients to appointments, tests, and treatments. You may take notes, advocate for our clients, or just hold their hand. From working behind the scenes to teaching breast cancer prevention, to asking for donations, to one-on-one assistance, volunteers represent what Albie Aware is all about. We are thankful for our volunteers.
Will you join us?

We honor the vision of our founder

When breast cancer took Albie Carson, her husband, Doug, knew he had to do his best to keep what happened to him from happening to others. Through his determination, he created Albie Aware to honor the legacy of his wife. Since our founding, we have done our very best to bring awareness, support, resources, and comfort to anyone who has heard someone in a white coat say, “You may have breast cancer.” We try every day to stay true to Doug Carson’s vision, and we thank him for his passion.

Doug Carson

We keep it local

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There are many big organizations out there researching breast cancer and seeking a cure. At Albie Aware, we keep it local and focus on the person. We are successful because we concentrate our resources on getting you or a loved one the help you need 

now, whether that need is financial, medical, logistical, or emotional. All donated dollars stay in the Greater Sacramento area. We are thankful for this wonderful giving community we call home.

We rely on you

Battling breast cancer is hard – especially during a pandemic. With your help we will continue to fight the fight. If you or someone you love is dealing with breast cancer, Albie Aware has your back. If you can help with time, money, or expertise, please join with us. Contact us at or (916) 927-1592. We are thankful for you not just during Breast Cancer Month, but always!

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