Can You Benefit From Breast Care Rehabilitation?

A Physical Therapy Breast Care program is designed for any patient currently undergoing breast cancer treatments or breast cancer survivors post treatment. Breast care physical therapy is an integral part of health and well-being for a patient post-surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

If you have physical limitation or pain problems you didn’t have before breast cancer treatment that interfere with your quality of life, you may be a candidate for breast care rehabilitation.

What to Expect From Breast Care Physical Therapy:
• Comprehensive evaluation including postural analysis, range of motion, and strength assessments.
• Manual therapy to address restrictions including scar mobilization and soft tissue mobilization throughout the axilla, shoulder, and chest areas.
• Development of a specific therapeutic exercise program targeted toward a strong core to hold the body upright.

Common Dysfunctions Related to Breast Cancer Treatments Include:
• Soft tissue scarring resulting from surgery
• Shoulder, neck, and/or thoracic spine pain
• Loss of shoulder, neck, and/or thoracic spine range of motion
• Upper extremity Lymphedema
• Auxiliary web syndrome (cording)

Lymphedema (swelling of a body part) is a common impairment affecting at least 50% of breast cancer patients. Early signs of Lymphedema include:
• Heaviness in the arm
• Numbness and/or tingling
• Decreased shoulder, elbow or wrist/hand range of motion
• Skin tightness
• Decreased skin mobility

Breast Care Physical Therapy Specializes in Treatments Including:
• Soft tissue/scar mobilization
• Joint mobilization, passive range of motion
• Rotator cuff strengthening
• Mobilization of rib cage,
• Spinal vertebra, and/or pelvis
• Postural re-education
• Patient education

Dr. Kimmy Reid, PT, DPT, OCS
Dr.Kimmy enjoys treating patients post-mastectomy or reconstruction. She believes candidates for breast care is any patient who has decreased functional status, impaired quality of life at any level, or cannot do what they want to do. Using her specialized orthopedic background, Kimmy is able to individualize each patient’s care for optimal improvement.

Kimmy believes physical therapy is an integrative practice to improve the quality of patient’s lives through manual therapy, functional training, and movement science.

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