Albie Aware Volunteer Spotlight: Jan Cronin Retires

Jan Cronin

As Jan Cronin retires from the Albie Aware Board of Directors, she wants to make one thing crystal clear. “The mission is stronger than ever,” she declares. “I am so pleased to be a part of this organization. I’ve seen it grow and it is a phenomenal organization. One I am proud to have been involved with.”

Becoming aware of Albie Aware

Jan started volunteering with Albie Aware in 2007. She learned about the organization when the imaging center she worked for was approached by Albie Aware to provide PET scanning for clients. “It was a natural fit, as we were also a not-for-profit organization and could offer this service at a much-reduced price. It was a perfect partnership.”

Jan has worked 50 consecutive years helping people and she is proud of it. Her healthcare career included technical and administrative roles in radiology, nuclear medicine and PET (Positron Emission Tomography). Her employer of 17 years, Northern California PET Imaging Center, is now one of Albie Aware’s partners.

Albie Aware’s evolution and growth

About her 12 years volunteering with the organization, Jan says, “I’ve seen so many changes and growth. It was more of a grass roots structure when I started. Now it’s mature. Everyone who works with this organization from the beginning to now, has done it with a great passion for the mission.” Jan illustrates this level of commitment by serving as Board Chair for three years. “I enjoyed contributing by networking with the medical community. With my medical background, I felt I could contribute there the most. I thank founder, Doug Carson, and the many dedicated people who have given so much of their time throughout the years.“

Progression and passion

There is no doubt, Jan will be missed, but she feels the organization is in good hands. “I’m impressed with how this organization keeps moving forward. Even the changes in their website are amazing. Albie Aware needs to march forward to continue to serve its clients well. I don’t feel I’m leaving them short-handed.  They have great leadership and a solid volunteer base,” she says.

Jan retired from work life a couple of years ago. Her husband, Paul, was also in nuclear medicine before becoming an ‘IT guy,’ as she puts it. They have been married 42 years with two adult sons, both married with two children each. 

Jan Cronin and family

Their older son also chose a nuclear medicine career and the younger son had an impressive career as a professional soccer player and now owns an insurance agency.

“We are enjoying every minute of retirement,” Jan says. “We play golf a lot, are busy with house projects, travel and enjoy grandparenting! Life is good.”

“It’s heart-warming to see your own kids become great parents. They have carried on the values we tried to instill and have chosen wonderful soulmates. We’re very proud. We come from Nebraska and we feel our children have embraced our Midwestern ethics,” She adds. “I am still a die-hard Nebraska girl and definitely a solid Nebraska football fan.”

Pride extends to Albie Aware

“As Albie Aware continues to move forward, it’s also time for me to move forward to my next chapter and for Albie Aware to get some new blood. I will always be a supporter and I hope the organization continues to grow so they can continue to help our community. They are much needed.”

Parting words

As she steps away to embrace her new life, Jan has a message for anyone wanting to make a real difference, “It is an honor to be on the board, and Albie Aware is expanding the board. I would recommend to anyone interested in helping women and men who are or could be facing breast cancer to volunteer in any capacity with Albie Aware. Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation is alive and strong.”

Albie Aware needs you

The Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation offers a variety of volunteer opportunities that can easily fit into your lifestyle and schedule. Consider becoming a volunteer with us. To learn more click here or call us at (916) 927-1592.

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