Introducing Misty- Albie Aware’s “Super Dog!”

Hi! My name is Misty, and I am the Albie Aware Super Dog!

I help my Mama, Arleen, volunteer at Albie Aware every week. You see, a few years ago my Mama was treated for breast cancer, and thankfully I can say she is now healed and healthy.












At Albie Aware, we get calls from people who are overwhelmed, scared and don’t know their options. Once they come in, they realize that they aren’t alone, and that emotional and financial support is available.

Did you know that this year Albie Aware has had more requests for assistance than any other year?  My mama says that for Albie Aware to keep helping people in the future, we need donations to help pay for all the requests.

So, during this holiday season of giving, will you please consider throwing a few bones to Albie Aware?

Any amount will help. Just click on the Holiday Bone and contribute whatever you can. We appreciate it.








Paws up,


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