Misty gives a gentle, but urgent nudge to give

Merry Christmas!

Hi, It’s Misty and I’m back for one last story to end 2017.

It’s about how Albie Aware has helped more people this year than any year prior.  We had more requests for assistance than ever!


In fact, this year alone, we have worked with

over 300 clients

with testing, advocacy, support and resources.  And lots of pats and hugs for me!

We have advocated for

246 clients, more than 1100 times, and provided 115 clients

with personal support by supplying almost 100 comfort items.


We also paid for

267 tests,

from mammograms, to PET Scans, to breast biopsies.

And I am happy to say, we were able to assist

72 local breast cancer survivors in 2017!


Here’s a video of more of my friends telling their stories.  Please click the image below:










More people will seek us out for assistance this coming year.  My mama says that for us to continue helping we need donations to keep us going.

Please help us start 2018 with the resources to support as many people as possible.  Just click on the Holiday Bone!  Any amount helps and is appreciated.

Happy New Year!

Paws up!


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