Misty Shares Another Story – What Would Mary Do?

When my friend Mary was enduring a round of aggressive breast cancer treatments, she lost her medical coverage. She didn’t know how to continue treatment without insurance.

Remembering she had heard our Executive Director, Cindy Love, on a KFBK radio interview, she called us.  Here’s what she said about her experience…

“They knew what to do and how to make it happen. They told me who to call, where to go, what form to sign, and within a few days… my insurance problem was resolved.  Then they solved my transportation problem to my radiation treatments. The best though, was when someone from the Albie office came to my chemotherapy appointment to give me comfort gifts and a hug.”



Supporting people who are confused and scared is what we specialize in!

During this gift giving season, my Mama Arleen and I hope you consider giving Albie Aware a gift as well.  Any amount is appreciated, and we can continue helping people like Mary.




Please click the Holiday Bone and give what you can. We wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season!

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