Partner Spotlight:Wellness Within

Wellness Within provides a variety of healing resources for  patients, survivors, caregivers, and families affected by the trauma, stress and anxiety brought on by cancer. Located in downtown Roseville, the center offers a warm and inviting space to let go and learn how to manage the stressors of cancer.

They provide a wide range of free services that enhance an individual’s ability to experience quality of life through practices that incorporate physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Albie Aware is grateful to refer many of our client survivors and their families to the wonderful services and resources at Wellness Within, including their yoga and mindfulness classes, as well as their retreats and nutrition classes. Our amazing office volunteer and survivor, Arlene Jacoway attended the recent “Compassion Retreat” and wrote the piece below during the creative writing session.

Now is the time for change

Accept change and be present
in mind and body.
Be gentle, take time to get to know
The new you with acceptance
and gratitude.
Don’t mourn what once was.
Welcome the new pace, new body
open mind.
Look kindly at the new you.

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