Sponsor Spotlight: Woodland Christian High School Girls’ Volleyball Team

Woodland Christian High School Logo

The Woodland Christian High School (WCHS ) girls’ volleyball team – the Lady Cardinals – raised $2,068 for Albie Aware at their annual emotion-packed fundraiser! From raising awareness to raising funds The event has grown over five years from raising awareness with a “pink” game, to selling $200 worth of cupcakes, to making significant dollar […]

Exotic Auto Recycling Drives a Need to Help People with Breast Cancer

Dani Jones

Do you need spare parts for your Ferrari? Exotic Auto Recycling is the place for you! The stated mission of this unique business, owned by Ryan and Dani Jones, is to become the largest supplier of used auto parts in the world! They specialize in Ferraris, Maseratis, Lamborghinis, and more. Ryan and Dani sell new, […]

Turkey Creek Golf Tournament Tees Off for Albie Aware

Turkey Creek Golf Club

Gayle Petersen loves golf. She also loves life as a breast cancer survivor. Put those two things together and you have the Second Annual Ladies Breast Cancer, “Making a Difference Together,” Tournament for Albie Aware on October 15. Early detection and lots of support Gayle was diagnosed nearly 20 years ago when she and her husband […]

Sponsor Spotlight: #SacramentoPinkGuy

Bryan Hall Sacramento Pink Guy

Bryan Hall, AKA Sacramento Pink guy, is a man on a mission – and it’s personal. Maybe you have seen him around town. You can’t miss him; he’s the guy with a big, bushy, pink beard. He says, “People see this weird guy walking around with a pink beard, top hat, and a pink shirt […]

Survivor Spotlight… Marisa Fogal

Marisa Fogal

Dimples – Not the Good Kind Normally, you hear of breast cancer being detected as a lump. In Marisa Fogal’s case, it started as a dimple. She complained to her husband that she was seeing cellulite on her breast. Then, that breast started shrinking. In three months, she lost an entire cup size. A mammogram […]

Five Things Friday – Considering Implants?

Breast implants are in the news. Recently, at the request of the FDA, the maker of a textured silicone implant recalled the devices due to an increased risk of a rare form of cancer. In 2018, more than 100,000 breast cancer patients who had opted for mastectomies, chose to have reconstructive surgery, often with implants. […]

Five Things Friday – Myths About Breast Cancer

We have all heard things that seem true but turn out to be false. This is certainly true about cancer. When something complex is not fully understood, we latch onto answers that seem to make sense. Some “facts” are passed down through generations and persist despite evidence to the contrary. Here are five myths concerning […]

Albie Aware Survivor Spotlight… Melody Resendiz

Many people with a diagnosis of breast cancer feel all alone on their journey. Melody Resendiz knew right away that she needed company as she navigated through the shock, confusion, and fear. She found it in her family, friends, support groups, her faith, and Albie Aware. Breast Cancer Strikes Anyone Melody is married to a […]