Volunteer Spotlight: Siena Marois

Siena Marois

Setting the World on Fire!

“Go Forth And Set The World On Fire.” That’s a motto of St. Ignatius Parish School in Sacramento and it is a concept that eighth grade student Siena Marois has fully and enthusiastically embraced.

St Ignatius Parish School

The Arrupe Project

The eighth grade has been assigned to complete The Arrupe Project, named for former Superior General of the Jesuits, Pedro Arrupe. Siena says, “It’s purpose is to empower all my classmates and me to choose a nonprofit and spread visibility and raise money for them. We help educate the community about the organization we choose.”

Setting a goal and making a plan

Siena chose Albie Aware as the beneficiary of her efforts. “I wanted to make T-shirts and sell them at the school Marketplace,” she explains. “But, making t shirts takes a lot of money. So, I first started washing my dogs and my parents car to make money to buy the T-shirts. My Godmother’s husband, Rich “Uncle” Hale, makes T-shirts for a living. I designed the shirts and he made them for me.”

Parents and families of students are invited to the St. Ignatius Marketplace. “We talk about our project and sell what we’ve created,” she says. What did Siena choose to put on the shirts? “Go Forth And Set The World On Fire.” Perfect!

Siena Marois
Siena Marois

Why Albie Aware?

“My school has a buddy program. My buddy since kindergarten has been Fiona. Her mom, who was a family friend, died of breast cancer after she had been sick about a year. I emailed the Albie Aware Board Chair, Mr. Fahey, and learned that mammograms cost about $150. My  goal was $300 and I’m so happy that I raised $308!”

On St. Ignatius

“I like all the people who work at the school. Everyone is really nice and I especially like my teachers. If we ever need somebody to talk to about problems they will listen,” says Siena. “I will be 14 in a couple of months and I’ve been at St. Ignatius since kindergarten – nine years. I graduate this year. I’ll go to all-girl St. Francis next year for High School. Most of the girls in my class will go there.”

Outside of school

“I’m an only child, but we have two French bulldogs, Cody who is three and Bailey who is two. My hobby is computer programing. I want to learn how to create video games and websites. I take interactive online classes for it in my spare 

Siena with her dogs

time at Khan Academy. I also like to write stories – fiction stories – mainly science fiction and about space.”

Lessons learned

“Through this whole project, it made me more aware of all the people who are in need. After I donate this money, I want to help other organizations that are important to me. I strongly encourage other people to do this. It doesn’t matter how much money you raise, because you’re also spreading the word about something that is important to you and that will help others.”

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