Why Doug Thomas Supports Albie Aware

Doug Thomas is a man every local nonprofit knows well. As radio host and public affairs director for Entercom, Doug lends his smooth voice to a host of local causes.

But Doug’s good-hearted spirit has helped put a big spotlight on Albie Aware. As a man who’s seen the effects of cancer firsthand, he knows what it’s like to fight, win, and fight again. That perspective has gravitated Doug towards Albie Aware.

He often invites Cindy and Karen on his radio show and is always more than willing to participate in many of Albie’s fundraising events!

So why does he do it? Hear it in his own words in this short:







Doug has his way and his reasons for supporting Albie Aware. What’s yours?

Drop us a note or upload a video on our Facebook page and use the hashtag #WhyWeSupport. Tell us why you support Albie Aware.

And if you’re in the giving spirit, we’d also be grateful for any time or dollars you can contribute to help us help others.

Thank you for your always loyal support.

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