Five Things Friday – Community Citizenship


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Community Citizenship Drives Albie Aware!

Community involvement makes good business sense. Without it, Albie Aware would not exist. Leading organizations are making social impact and community citizenship core parts of their strategies… and their very identities. The public encourages companies to channel some of their resources to social good. When they do, it influences consumer buying decisions, raises the organization’s reputation, and helps them to attract customers and hire talented staff.

If you are looking for opportunities to support a cause that resonates with your firm’s values and that makes a positive long-term impact on women and men in the Sacramento area, please consider Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation.

The Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility found that “Fifty-five percent of global online consumers across 60 countries say they are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.”

Let’s Talk! Five Ideas for Your Citizenship Strategy

In an age of social media, where information flows fast and furious, there are easy and visible ways to be a good corporate citizen. Here are five program ideas to consider:

  1. Launch Your Own Personalized Campaign. Create a Do-It-Yourself fundraising campaign through crowdfunding.
  2. Organize a Race or Host an Event. Create an event or request donations in our name at an event you’re already hosting. Creative fundraising event examples include Haircut Day, Fun Run/Walks, Education Opportunities, Festivals, Dinners, Super Bowl Parties, Eating Contests, Doggy Talent Shows…you name it! For example, Country Club Lanes in Sacramento hosts a Albie-Bowling tournament every year.
  3. Dedicate Your Special Day to Us. Create a fundraiser to celebrate a milestone, anniversary, or event on Facebook. This is an easy way for your organization to provide much needed support that goes directly to our mission. Plus, there are no fees charged on donations made to nonprofits on Facebook.
  4. Get Involved and Volunteer. Whether your organization can give a few hours or make a long-term commitment, we can always use an extra hand. Giving the gift of time benefits your employees and YOU!
  5. Browse and Support Our Fundraising Events.

If none of these ideas appeal to you… Let’s talk!

Community Involvement is Good for Business

By encouraging your employees to become involved in the causes they feel strongly about strengthens your image as a responsible corporate citizen. Actively supporting employee volunteerism can accelerate their professional development and build business contacts. Whether your employees gather to support a family in need, organize a yard-cleaning team, or volunteer to help an organization through an event, company involvement in nonprofit organizations can be good for your business, the community and your employees. Here are some other benefits from channeling resources for social good:

  • Happier employees who have a deeper sense of purpose, motivation, and loyalty.
  • Better employees, as they have opportunities to develop new skills and capacities.
  • Ability to attract better talent.
  • Improved reputation, both in the community and among the company’s peers, competitors and suppliers.
  • The ability to attract new customers and improve relations with existing customers.
  • Increased sales.

Imagine what can happen if the incredible energy and ingenuity you’ve poured into your business aligns with the Albie Aware Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission to make our corner of the world a better place. Just think of what we can accomplish together!

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