Jasmine Orellana and Micropigmentation: Pay with a Smile!

Jasmine microblading
Jasmine of Allure Microblading

If eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows are the frames.

“Eyebrows play a key role in communication. They are a huge factor in our facial expressions – from a raised brow to a surprised brow,” explains Jasmine Orellana, owner of Allure Permanent Cosmetics. “Brows are such an important feature of our face – all our emotions are there. And, when your eyebrows are not there, it’s difficult to reflect you and what is going on inside.”

Pay with a Smile!

In her studio at 621 Capitol Mall, Jasmine helps breast cancer survivors feel better about themselves. Through her “Pay with a Smile” program, she offers free microblading, a technique that provides clients with fuller and more symmetrical eyebrows.

Jasmine Orellana

“I offer this free service to cancer survivors and hopefully, give them one less thing to worry about,” says Jasmine. “You can put on a wig when you lose your hair. But, missing your eyebrows is difficult to hide. It’s also difficult to know where they should be placed or how to properly shape them.”

“I try to help my clients match their inner beauty,” explains Jasmine. “I can tell when talking with my cancer clients that this procedure helps lift their spirits and we all know that keeping your morale up goes a long way in the recovery process,” she says. “Little things are important when you’re going through the worst thing imaginable. This provides them with just one less worry.”

Giving back

“We’ve been doing the ‘Pay with a Smile’ program for cancer survivors for two years,” she explains. “This program is my small way to give back to the community… to Sacramento.”

Survivors who are not in the middle of treatment and meet the requirements, get free permanent eyebrows. For those that are not

microblading client

good candidates, henna is an option – and it’s also free. The henna pigment lasts a few weeks, while microblading lasts two to three years.

“I’m passionate about the industry and this art,” says Jasmine. “Cancer patients have already endured so much. I meet these beautiful souls and help them feel a little better – like before cancer shook their lives upside down. It’s an honor to serve them. I feel like I’m making a difference.”

Artist and technician

Jasmine has owned her studio for three years. Practitioners are known by such terms as body art practitioners, cosmetic technicians, cosmetic artists, and micropigmentation artists. Her contribution to survivors is significant – normally this service can cost upward of $500.

Jasmine microblading

When she is not running her business or helping breast cancer survivors, she spends time with her two dogs, a Yorkie named Aurora and a shih tzu named Beethoven. “But,” she says, “My business is my baby.”

Jasmine describes her journey

“I started this because I had customers who were cancer survivors and they wanted to feel normal again without stressing about whether their perspiration had removed their eyebrow pencil or if they had created the right shape with no brow hair to give them guidance.

I grew up in a conservative family. Most of my life I was not allowed to wear makeup. I saw ‘Phantom of the Opera’ on Broadway and was invited to go backstage. The makeup artist asked to do my face. I loved it! He was careful to just do enough to complement my best features. His treatment of my eyebrows inspired me the most.”

At home, I struggled to replicate what he showed me. That’s when I became interested in how eyebrows make a difference on your face – proportion and balance – the golden ratio. Your face shape affects your own personal golden ratio and what shape and size your eyebrows should be.”

The path to Albie Aware

Jasmine learned of Albie Aware when she met Lorraine Fox, a breast cancer survivor and mother of Sacramento King De’Aaron Fox. The Fox Whole Family Foundation is an Albie Aware supporter. She also knows Dani Jones, of Exotic Auto Recycling, and her interest in fighting breast cancer and participated in their ‘Think Pink’ event. “I reached out to Amanda Nelson (Albie Aware Executive Director) and I can tell this is a great connection for us both,” she says. “I love what they do for local women and the difference they make in people’s lives.”

Tips for choosing a salon

For anyone interested in permanent cosmetics, Jasmine recommends doing some homework first. “It is important to select the right artist. Check their certifications, training, licenses, and sterilization protocol. Don’t choose a salon just based on pricing or its location. Make sure they are permitted by the health department of the County in which

Microblading eyebrows

they are operating their business. “This is more than a treatment, it’s an art that you will be wearing on your face for two to three years, so ask questions!”

Jasmine’s Inspiration

“Talking to survivors and seeing how strong they are is inspiring. They keep fighting! This has been a reality check for me. It’s humbling and motivating. It makes me thankful to be with them on this journey we call life.”

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